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People these days are looking for real estate properties online. As a result, having a visually appealing website has become crucial for real estate entrepreneurs. Our solutions are tailored specifically for the real estate business, enabling you to present your properties in an alluring manner. Our websites are significantly customized to meet your specific objectives. Know how

Website Development for Real Estate

We create websites that feature real estate listings, interface with multiple listing services (MLS), and provide sophisticated search features by utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and contemporary design concepts.

Management of Property Listings

To improve user experience, we offer interactive elements, maps, and strong search filters. These features make it simple to add, amend, and display crucial property details like descriptions, photos, amenities, and price information, Intelex provides reliable solutions for managing real estate listings.

CRM Integration

Intelex facilitates the effective management of leads, contacts, and client interactions by integrating CRM systems into your websites. Our services streamline sales and marketing initiatives by assisting with lead gathering and follow-ups.

Real Estate ERP Solutions

Our ERP solutions integrate sales, property management, and customer relationship management to handle issues proactively. With our experience, you can manage your portfolios effectively, simplify operations, and obtain insightful information that help you make wise decisions.

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