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Who we are

Intelex Systems Inc. has etched its name in the field of software development. We surpass our competitors in Product Development, Big Data, Data Integration & ETL, IoT, with Enterprise Application Support (Oracle & Sap Archive) being our forte.

Ours is a software development company that’s a frontrunner in offering apt outsourcing methodologies (onsite/offsite). We assist clients in reducing lifecycle management costs and simultaneously increasing agility.

Our collaborations with global technology giants like Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP and Rimini Street speak volumes of our caliber.

With 500+ successfully implemented projects, 300+ delighted customers, a high percentage of client re-engagement, and the numerous awards bestowed upon us, our illustrious presence in the world of software has been thoroughly established across 18 countries.

Our Services

Intelex Systems Inc. is here to walk the talk. We work with you on every facet of your project, be it building a website, ushering you into the world of IT, or forging your future IT empire. In a place where intelligence meets experience, you can rely on us to render matchless results.

We stand tall in the field of Analytics – Our competent technology qualifies us to Capture, Curate and Correlate data in a customized, tailor-made fashion, with in-house products for your firm.

Serving Over 500 Clients Ranging from Small and Medium Enterprises to Large Corporations

We are deeply familiar with corporate protocols, dedicated to upholding exceptional quality standards, and adept at embodying the enthusiasm synonymous with start-ups.

Client Testimonials

At the heart of our approach lies a deep respect for all our clients, regardless of size. From inception to completion, our strategy revolves around putting our clients first, ensuring their needs are paramount every step of the way.

Shamrock Foods



Rimini street

Thank you-and your team-for the diligent work too .You’ll continue to be my go-to partner, keep up the great work!



Thank you for the support. Very efficient team! They understood our concerns and lived up to our expectations.


Your administrative team did really well! Their assistance all along has made the entire process seamless.


Your team of professionals were great. The skilfulness and expertise of the team of Intelex was quite evident in their work!


It was a great experience working with the team of Intelex. The engineers were quite professional

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