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E-Learning Platforms

Intelex is dedicated to creating customized e-learning platforms and Learning Management Systems (LMS) for educational institutions, training organizations, and corporate learning initiatives. Our platforms seamlessly integrate a diverse range of features, from course management to multimedia content delivery, online assessments, progress tracking, and certification management. Our ultimate goal is to provide an intuitive, engaging, and unified online learning environment.

School and College Websites and Mobile Apps

Intelex specializes in crafting bespoke websites and mobile applications designed exclusively for schools, colleges, universities, and educational institutions. Our offerings include dynamic platforms providing detailed insights into academic programs, faculty members, admission processes, upcoming events, and more. Our solutions boast an array of features, including intuitive online application forms, dedicated portals for parents and students, and seamless integration with student information systems.

Online Course Marketplaces

At Intelex, we lead the way in developing online course marketplaces, empowering instructors and subject matter experts to easily create and promote their courses. We engineer robust platforms that streamline every stage of the course journey, from creation and enrollment to smooth payment processing and dynamic student engagement. Our solutions often feature instructor profiles, course ratings, reviews, and interactive social learning capabilities.

Online Tutoring and Coaching Platforms

At Intelex, we provide solutions for online tutoring and coaching platforms, fostering personalized learning experiences by connecting students with tutors or coaches. Our platforms facilitate video sessions, screen sharing, virtual whiteboards, and progress tracking to enhance the learning journey. Additionally, our solutions often integrate features such as scheduling, payment processing, and student-tutor messaging for seamless interaction and management.

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