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Having built a remarkable presence for ourselves in the field of software development, our
expertise lies in Product Development, Big Data, Data & ETL, IoT, and Enterprise Application Support (Oracle & Sap Archive), areas where we outperform our rivals.

Our software development company sets the standard for the sector by offering suitable onshore and offsite outsourcing solutions. We not only assist our clients in increasing productivity but also in reducing lifecycle management expenses as well.

Our Dedicated UI/UX Development, Expert Cloud Consulting Services, Continuous Integration & Delivery, Extensive Enterprise Application Support, Real-time Performance Monitoring & Support, a proven set of Standard Operational Principles, and Highly Structured Best Practices Execution Process sets us apart.

Intelex Systems has made its mark across the world in countries like Canada, USA, UK, India, Africa, Korea, Australia, and New Zealand.

Our Foundational Principles


We believe in taking proactive initiatives and exceeding expectations, evident in the exceptional quality of our work.


With the Internet at our core and creativity as our driving force, we've forged a distinct path by continuously challenging norms.


At Intelex, we engage industry-leading minds with a blend of technical expertise and deep industry insights.


We stand by the principles of prompt and precise information disclosure, fostering collaborative decision-making.


Our performance is measured by the yardstick of reliability. Our steadfast commitment to timely deliveries solidifies our position.


We find fulfillment in upholding and exceeding the highest industry standards, aligning our work with the forefront of current industry trends.


Our company was built to become the epitome of data analytics. Contemplating the significance of data, we envisioned ourselves as the pacesetter in the kinetics of information management. In an ever-competent world of data analytics, we are here to coin a word that’s synonymous with data operations: INTELEX.

At Intelex, we believe what matters more is the manner in which data analytics is conducted, therefore yielding higher results.


Discover the driving force behind Intelex: an exemplary team of IT & engineering professionals united by passion, boldness, and creativity. Our diverse, cross-cultural team is dedicated to ensuring the success of your operations.

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